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Tips and tutorials for Transparent RAID.

How to enable more verbose logging in Transparent RAID

There are two log files in Transparent RAID. One for the Host Service Broker, which you will find on your C:\ by befault (C:\FlexRAID.nzfs.log). The other is for the Web UI Service, which you will also find on your C:\ by default (C:\NZFSWebUI.log); – How to set the “Trace” level in the Host service’s log:  Full Article…


Quick overview of the Transparent RAID Web UI

Pre-requisite Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package Quick overview The recommended browser for the Web UI is Chrome. The web client can be accessed by any web enabled device including PC and mobile devices. The default login is admin/admin. 1. Open the Web Client from the desktop shortcut Alternatively, open your browser to http://<host>:8080.  Full Article…


Transparent RAID Web UI & System Preferences

Pre-requisite Quick overview of the Transparent RAID Web UI Web UI & System Preferences 1. The preferences panel is accessed by clicking on the “Preferences” button as shown below. 2. Various aspects of the UI can be customized as presented in the “UI Preferences” tab. Here you can set the size of the left panel  Full Article…


Preparing & Registering disks for Transparent RAID

Pre-requisite Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package Part I: Preparing the disks The following preparation steps can be done after registering the disks in the Web UI. However, it is more logical to do these preparation steps prior to registering the disks. Purely for additional safety reason, the following are required: – all disks  Full Article…


Publishing (starting) a Transparent RAID array

Pre-requisite Creating a Transparent RAID array System state prior to publishing the array Transparent RAID arrays can easily be started and stopped at any time and without having to reboot the system. Transparent RAID, in its core functionality, does not pool your drives into a single volume. Instead, Transparent RAID is focused on providing you  Full Article…


Performance tuning in Transparent RAID

Pre-requisite Maintaining a Transparent RAID array Default Performance Settings The default configuration on a fresh install of Transparent RAID represents the best case scenario for data integrity. The reason behind all this is to create a safer introduction to Transparent RAID. RAID, whether it be software RAID or hardware RAID has some inherent vulnerabilities when  Full Article…