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Solutions to certain RAID-F issues

Issues with special characters on Linux

If you are a Linux user and your FlexRAID install seems to have issues handling files with special characters (non-English) in them, please read this post:,434.msg3973.html#msg3973 Essentially: 1. the locale off your OS needs to be properly configured for FlexRAID to pick it up 2. it must be a UTF8 variant to be supported


Accessing the Web UI for non-English locales

The locale used by FlexRAID can be changed by editing the Locale.js file in your installation root directory. Locale.js: var userLocale = ‘en_US’; Change the value from en_US to your desired locale. When starting the Web UI from the desktop shortcut, FlexRAID executes a script that picks up the locale configuration and add it to  Full Article…


Linux – ERROR: lib load error – NativeIO

If you get the above error when running FlexRAID on Linux, you might need to install one or more the following dependencies: – libc6-i386 – lib32gcc1 – lib32stdc++6 or – libstdc++.i686 So: Ensure that you are running GLIBC version 2.11 or higher. You can verify your GLIBC version by executing “ldd –version”. Run ldd on  Full Article…


Special characters in filenames and invalid encoding fix

See:,147.0/topicseen.html Hi all, I have installed FlexRaid on my Ubuntu fileserver, but encountered some issues that took some time to resolve: OS fileserver: Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Language: english Installed danish locale, but uses the default en_US to keep it simple. OS machine 2: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit Language: Danish ftp: WinSCP 1. Invalid Encoding  Full Article…


How to Disable and/or Turn Off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows

How to Disable and/or Turn Off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 1. Go to your Control Panel 2. Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety” 3. Click on “User Accounts” 4. Click on “Turn User Account Control on and off” 5. UnCheck “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer” 6. Reboot


Resolving UI issues after upgrading to a new FlexRAID 2.0 release

If you ever have an issue after upgrading to a FlexRAID 2.0 release, simply refresh your browser window using the browser’s refresh button (not just f5) or clear your browser’s cache. This is because whatever you browser has cached could become incompatible with the latest resources. See this bug report for additional info:  


How to enable more verbose logging?

To enable more verbose logging, you will need to edit the logging.options.txt file in your installation directory and change the lines below: To change high level FlexRAID service logs (logged in FlexRAID.log) Change FLEXRAID_LOG_LEVEL=INFO to FLEXRAID_LOG_LEVEL=TRACE Those contain for example the FlexRAID startup & scheduler logs, RAID operations logs, etc.): To change lower level FlexRAID  Full Article…