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Describe small tips in general FlexRAID’s RAID-F usage.

Tips: Mounting your drives as folders on Windows

  This tip will allow you to mount your drives to an NTFS folder path rather than a drive letter as is customary in Windows, prior to include them in a FlexRAID Storage Pool. While this is not necessary, it is considered as good practice, and has several advantages: Prevents unnecessary spin-up of the drives  Full Article…


Tips: Using IE9 – Internet Explorer 9

FlexRAID user interface is fully compatible with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE8. If you are using IE9, make sure that you enable the “Compatibility View” using the icon in the address bar) to make sure all pages will display correctly.


Tips: FlexRAID Storage Pooling under Windows

There are a number of considerations to take in order to successfully use the Storage Pooling feature in FlexRAID. Avoid opening up the same files from both inside and outside of the storage pool (opening up the same files from the source drives and the storage pool at the same time). If a file is  Full Article…


Tips: FlexRAID Storage Pooling under Linux

The user mounting the Storage Pool must be member of the fuse group. If a fuse group does not exist on your system, create it. See for additional info on managing groups in Ubuntu. Other Linux users should man addgroup and adduser. Ex: sudo addgroup fuse sudo adduser <your-username> fuse You might need grant  Full Article…