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Tutorial touching on more advanced features of FlexRAID’s RAID-F.

FlexRAID RAID-F on OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault (OMV) is a great FreeNAS like NAS stack. While FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, OMV is Debian Linux based, which makes it far more flexible and extensible. FlexRAID RAID-F works on all Linux distributions with kernel 2.6 or newer. As such OMV is supported. This article tackles the setup specific aspects of RAID-F on  Full Article…


Installing FlexRAID on OpenMediaVault (OMV)

NOTICE: This tutorial is old and obsolete. It will soon be removed. Please follow this newer tutorial on installing FlexRAID RAID-F on OMV: ============================================= OLD ========================================= Courtesy of:;u=2530 This tutorial covers the integration of FlexRAID into OpenMediaVault (OMV). Specifically, we are integrating FlexRAID 2.0u6 with OMV 0.2.7 (with 0.3 currently in beta as  Full Article…


How to create a CruiseControl RAID config using existing parity data

This scenario is valid only if: – You have not re-installed your OS – You don’t have a copy of your configuration database – The copy of your configuration that is on your PPU is somehow missing Otherwise, please follow this guide instead (minus the restore section): This guide is also helpful: To  Full Article…


How do I add my drive back to the pool after re-installing my OS?

If you re-install your OS and copy over your configuration database from backup, you drives will show up as missing in the Drive Manager while showing up as available for pooling in the lower section. Important: the first PPU drive must be the first drive to be reinstated. The process will fail if you don’t  Full Article…


How do I restore if I lose both my OS drive and a data drive and don’t have backups of my RAID config?

If you are in the unique case whereas you lost a drive and at the same time you lost your OS and don’t have a backup of your configuration database, all is not lost. However, you will need to follow the steps below: 1. Import your configuration, which is stored on the first PPU.    Full Article…


Installing FlexRAID on Zentyal Server

  Offline version of this file: FlexRAID_on_Zentyal PDF Courtesy of atiinola.   Zentyal Server is a small business server based on Ubuntu’s LTS server version 10.04 and the ebox platform. It also has the LXDE desktop installed with Firefox web browser and PCMAN File manager. There are some things that cannot be easily manipulated with  Full Article…