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Installing FlexRAID’s RAID-F on Windows or Linux.

Linux Increase The Maximum Number Of Open Files / File Descriptors (FD)

By default, the maximum number of open fd descriptors is pretty low. Please see this article on how to increase it. As reported in this bug report (, changing the user level limit seems to have the most effect. As per the comments in that report, the user had to add the following to  Full Article…


How to enable more verbose logging?

To enable more verbose logging, you will need to edit the logging.options.txt file in your installation directory and change the lines below: To change high level FlexRAID service logs (logged in FlexRAID.log) Change FLEXRAID_LOG_LEVEL=INFO to FLEXRAID_LOG_LEVEL=TRACE Those contain for example the FlexRAID startup & scheduler logs, RAID operations logs, etc.): To change lower level FlexRAID  Full Article…