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Articles on FlexRAID’s RAID-F features.

Torrent clients and Storage Pooling

One of the reoccurring issues torrent users face when downloading to a FlexRAID backed storage pool is the issue of downloads sometimes timing out. The issue is more of a torrent issue in how it sees and uses the available space in a storage pool. Luckily, there is a easy way to remedy at the  Full Article…


Verify/Validate report new files after Update

This issue can be caused by the following. Some files have  future dates. Check the FlexRAID log on your host drive and either delete or edit the files. You can find all such files by going to System Control Panel -> Toolbox -> Scan for invalid dates. To fix the issue:


Advanced FUSE options for Linux users

Starting with FlexRAID 2.0 update 10r2, the full set of FUSE mount options are supported. See the FUSE readme for details on the supported options:


Real-Time RAID Dos and Don’ts

Do: When using applications like torrent and the likes, do enable the option to preallocate the files. This helps create less fragmentation within the FlexRAID filesystem and increases performance and resource utilization. Also, when copying files, use a program that pre-allocate the file to be copied. Some programs fail to pre-allocate and end up creating  Full Article…