What is FlexRAID?


FlexRAID is a family of storage data protection products that provide great flexibility and various innovations.
The current product line includes:

  • RAID over File System (RAID-F)
  • Transparent RAID (tRAID)

Each product takes a different approach to data protection. As such, each product has a different set of advantages and disadvantages, and each is better suited for certain deployments.

The motivation behind FlexRAID

FlexRAID started as a simple idea with the key goals being simplicity and efficiency. It is easy to recognize that people are storing different type of data and that no one solution fits all data usage patterns. The storage industry has not yet recognized this aspect, and expensive and inefficient systems are being deployed all around.

FlexRAID is trying to change that by being a smarter storage data management stack which is transparent enough to support storages with mix provisioning
– Why can’t a storage pool combine devices for high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), devices for archival purposes, and everything else in between?
– Why can’t we be fluid enough to establish different levels of data protection on different data residing in the same data array?

What started as a simple neat idea layered with a good doze of out of the box thinking now has a unique placement in the storage industry.

Product Lines & Key Features

For more details on those features, check out those articles:
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