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FlexRAID is a highly scalable and smart storage system that turns independent hard drives of various sizes, makes, and models into one massive storage pool.  
Additionally, FlexRAID provides highly flexible N+1 and N+X parity data protection through both snapshot and real-time support for RAID4, RAID6, and RAIDX, where X is any number of tolerances desired. TODO

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  1. Anil March 30, 2013 at 8:18 AM #


    I have been using FlexRAID for a few months but now I am having some strange problems.

    My machine crashed and I can not get the raid back up. When I tried to start it it said i didn’t to perform a reconcile. It took about 8 hours and then when I tried to start it it said a weird error about an infinte loop. I tried reconcile again, left it for over 10 hours but it just seemed to freeze. Restarted the machine and now when I try to start the pool it says it is not initialized.

    How can I get my raid back up??

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