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FlexRAID RAID-F on OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault (OMV) is a great FreeNAS like NAS stack. While FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, OMV is Debian Linux based, which makes it far more flexible and extensible. FlexRAID RAID-F works on all Linux distributions with kernel 2.6 or newer. As such OMV is supported. This article tackles the setup specific aspects of RAID-F on OMV. 1. Create all volumes on all disks to be used in RAID-F. In OMV, go to Storage -> File Systems, and then click on the "Create" button. 2. Make sure to label your volumes to be created. Adding meaningful labels to your volumes will aide in identifying properly the volumes through OMV, FlexRAID, and the OS system. 3. Ensure that all your intended DRUs and PPUs are properly identifiable in the OMV UI. 4. Mount your volumes. 5. Install FlexRAID RAID-F using its installation manager as shown below: Install using installation manager 6. Restart the FlexRAID RAID-F service if it was already installed In the case that FlexRAID RAID-F was already installed before you created new volumes through OMV, you might need to restart the FlexRAID service for the new volumes to be picked up. Otherwise, please skip this step. To restart the service, you can either reboot the system or preferably SSH into your installation and execute: sudo service raidf restart 7. In the RAID-F UI, refresh the Drive Manager for the newly created volumes to be usable. 8. Verify that all desired volumes are detected by the RAID-F Drive Manager 9. Configure your RAID as per the RAID-F guides on this wiki site. One such guide is (ignore Windows specific topics): After you have configured your RAID and initialized it, you are now ready to start the Storage Pool. 10. Start the Storage Pool. 11. Pool mounted to /media/FlexRAID_POOL Once mounted, you will find your Storage Pool mounted on /media/FlexRAID_POOL. Finally, please open a feature request with the developer of OMV to allow uses to create shares on a FlexRAID Storage Pool volume. Currently the OMV UI is not offering the FlexRAID Storage Pool volume as a target for OMV managed shares.


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