Uninstalling or Upgrading the Transparent RAID Host Package


If upgrading, you must first uninstall as documented in this current post and then re-install following the instructions documented in Installing the Transparent RAID Host Package.


1. Edit your RAID options and set the array auto start property to false and then reboot.

2. After rebooting, navigate to the installation directory and right-click on the uninstall script and choose to run it as administrator.
1. Uninstall as admin

3. Reboot your computer if you have nothing else to uninstall.
If planning to uninstall the Web UI, then reboot only after uninstalling it as documented in Uninstalling or Upgrading the Transparent RAID Web Client Package.

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  1. Jacob Copeland November 11, 2015 at 7:57 PM #

    As a reminder, don’t forget to update the web client or you may get a errorcode=31 invalid structure

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