Tip: Adding disks not part of the array to a tRAID pool


This is a rather silly idea, but one that works quite elegantly. 🙂
Those that wish to add disks or folders not part of the tRAID array to their pool, can do so by mounting the external disks to a folder on a tRAID disk. For folders, a junction needs to be created to a folder on a tRAID disk.


Here, we are only going to detail how to add an external disk to the pool. For junctions, please give this tool a trial.

1. Add a drive letter to one of your tRAID disks. You will need to create folders on that disks that will server as mount point. We need to do this on a tRAID disk instead of the pool because attempting to mount a disk to a folder through the pool will not work.

Important: if you intend to use the mounted disk as landing disk for newly copied in files, it is important to create the mount folder on the last disk which has free space below the configured storage pool reserved space. This is avoid having the pool redirect files being copied the landing disk to other disks.
If a landing disk is mounted to a disk with free space below the reserve, the pool will redirect new files intended to the mounted folders in that disk to other disks!

2. Create the necessary folder(s) on the tRAID disk. In our example, we are creating a folder named “My Non tRAID Disk”.
1. Create Folder on tRAID Disk

3. Next, go to your disk management console and right-click on the volume of the disk we wish to link. Then select “Change Drive Letter or Paths”.
2. Change Drive Letter or Paths

4. Choose to “Add” a path and then “Browse” to the folder on the tRAID disk where the new volume will be mounted.
3. Add tRAID disk folder as mount path

5. When all is done, you will be able to access the external disk a shown below.
4. Access the mounted folder through tRAID disk or pool

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