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Storage Pool Level Restrictions

PoolLevelRestrictions A useful Storage Pooling feature is the ability to apply certain access restrictions at the pool level and independently of the underlying file system's Access Control List (ACL). For instance, you can make certain files and folders read-only without having to change their underlying security attributes. You could also allow all operations on the files in a given folder but disallow the deletion of files in that folder. Pool level restrictions are also useful in cases where applying ACLs is not possible or desirable (the pool might include network shares, cloud storage buckets (coming soon), etc.). You can deny Read, Write, Delete, Rename, and Attribute Change access to files and folders. Path matching can be defined as simple path matching or using regular expressions to match on a pattern. Best of all, changes to the restrictions can be applied live without having to restart the Storage Pool. So, temporarily disabling the restrictions and reapplying them later is easy and convenient.


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