RAID Reconfiguration in Transparent RAID

Dispensable Configuration

The number one thing users should get comfortable with is that a RAID configuration in Transparent RAID dispensable for as long as there is not disk needing to be recovered. That is, at any time, you can delete your RAID configuration and reconfigure your disks under a new one without losing any data.

This is important for cases where you are attempting to make many or complex changes to your RAID configuration. Rather than going through the complex operations, it is often easier to start with a clean slate in which your reconfigure your disks as desired and recompute the parity.

Un-initializing a RAID

Another option to deleting the RAID configuration is to un-initialize it through the “Advanced Operations” menu.
Once the configuration is uninitialized, you will be able to easily reconfigure it and then recompute the parity.

RAID Expansion and RAID Contraction

RAID Expansion in Transparent RAID

RAID Contraction in Transparent RAID

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