RAID Contraction in Transparent RAID


Creating a Log RAID Configuration

Online Contraction vs Offline Contraction

The Transparent RAID platform is extremely powerful in that almost all operations can be executed while the array is either online or offline. However, RAID Contraction is the exception and can only be executed in Offline mode.

Contracting an array (removing an existing data drive from an existing array)

1. RAID Contraction is supported in Offline mode only. So first, ensure that the array is offline.
If you attempt RAID Contraction in Online mode, you will be shown a message as shown below.
1. RAID Contraction supported in Offline mode only

2. Select the disk to remove and click on the “Remove” toolbar button.
You have to option of specifying a Log RAID (recommended).
2. RAID Contraction Options

3. If you don’t specify a Log RAID, you will be warned as shown below.
3. RAID Contraction - No Log RAID warning

4. The UI will update after the RAID Contraction operation completes.
4. RAID Contraction - Completed


It is a good idea to run the Verify+ operation on the array after completing the RAID Contraction.

What’s next?

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