Quick overview of the Transparent RAID Web UI


Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package

Quick overview

The recommended browser for the Web UI is Chrome.

The web client can be accessed by any web enabled device including PC and mobile devices.

The default login is admin/admin.

1. Open the Web Client from the desktop shortcut
0. UI - Accessing the Web Client

Alternatively, open your browser to http://<host>:8080.
Here, <host> is the dns or wins name or IP of the system where the Web Client Package was installed.
If accessing the Web UI from the same system as to where it is installed, you can use localhost or as hostname or IP (http://localhost:8080 or

Note: if port 8080 is in use by another application on your system, you will need to change the port that the Web UI should use. You do that by navigating to the Web Client installation folder and editing the Port.js file. See TODO for further instructions on that.

2. UI Overview
1. UI - Overview

3. Adding a new host to manage
2. UI - Add New Host

4. Activating the host
Each Transparent RAID host must be licensed.
3. UI - Activate Host

5. Selecting an activation option
Even if you have purchased a license for Transparent RAID, it is recommended that you first trial it (run on trial license) until you have validated that you have a stable installation.
4. UI - Select Activation Option

6. Activated host
5. UI - Hosts Explorer After Activation

7. A UI view of a production system showcasing the dashboard
TRAID Dashboard

8. Various selected themes to fit your palate
TRAID Themes

What’s next?

Transparent RAID Web UI & System Preferences

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