Performance tuning in Transparent RAID


Maintaining a Transparent RAID array

Default Performance Settings

The default configuration on a fresh install of Transparent RAID represents the best case scenario for data integrity.
The reason behind all this is to create a safer introduction to Transparent RAID.
RAID, whether it be software RAID or hardware RAID has some inherent vulnerabilities when implemented without battery backup.
So, in accounting for power failures or system crashes, we have setup the default configuration to be as resilient as possible.

It is important to properly test your hardware for stability prior to enabling any of the performance options.
Please read this forum thread for quick tips on hardware stability testing:,2326.0.html

Improving RAID Performance

Transparent RAID Performance Thread – Part 1/4 (S.W.O),2560.0.html

Transparent RAID Performance Thread – Part 2/4 (TCQ & OS Caching),2585.0.html

Transparent RAID Performance Thread – Part 3/4 (Performance Mode),3109.0.html

Transparent RAID Performance Thread – Part 4/4 (Storage Accelerators – Landing Disk & SSD Caching),3525.0.html

What’s next?

Creating a Log RAID Configuration

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