Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package

Note: If you need to upgrade a previous installation, see Uninstalling or Upgrading the Transparent RAID Web Client Package.


Installing the Transparent RAID Host Package


The Transparent RAID client package should be installed on only one system per a given network.
If managing only one host, you should install the client package on the host being managed. Alternatively, you can choose to install the client package on another system.
If managing multiple hosts, it is recommended that you only install the client package on only one of the hosts or onto another system that will be used to manage the hosts.

The Web Client is designed to manage multiple hosts from a single centralized interface and configuration database.
This simplifies and streamlines the management of the hosts as well as providing a single aggregation point.
This powerful enterprise level feature will give you a central configuration point for all your storage protection needs, a central scheduling point for all your maintenance tasks, a central monitoring point on all your storage devices health (i.e., network based SMART monitoring).

1. First, you will need to download the web client package from
0. Downloaded Client Package

2. Accept the publisher trust if prompted.
1. Web Client - Accept Publisher Trust

3. You can either choose to install using all the default options by clicking on the “Install” button or you can click on “Next” to view/edit the default options.
2. Web Client - Click Install or Click Next

4. Installation type (default is recommended)
3. Web Client - Installation Type

5. Destination folder
4. Web Client - Destination Folder

6. Program folder (default is recommended)
5. Web Client - Program Folder

7. Desktop shortcut creation (default is recommended)
6. Web Client -Desktop Shortcut

8. Review of selected options
7. Web Client - Installation Review

9. Installation execution
8. Web Client - Installation Execution

10. Completed installation
9. Web Client - Finish

Note to RAID-F users

If installing the tRAID Web Client Package on the same host as where you have RAID-F installed, you will need to change the port of either installation as they both use port 8080 by default.

To change the default ports used by either Web Client, you need to edit the Port.js file in your installation directory.
See the screenshot below for additional info (only the http and https ports apply to this topic).
Port Settings

What’s next?

Accessing the Transparent RAID Web UI using Internet Explorer (IE)
Or, if not using IE, skip to Quick overview of the Transparent RAID Web UI

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