Installing the Transparent RAID Host Package

Note: If you need to upgrade a previous installation, see Uninstalling or Upgrading the Transparent RAID Host Package.

The Transparent RAID host package must be installed on every host system that is to host a RAID array.

1. First, you will need to download the host package from
1. Downloaded Host Package

2. Extract the Host package to your C drive or to any path of your choosing (it is recommended that the chosen path contains no space character).
2. Extract Host to C Drive

3. Navigate to the extracted folder, right-click on the install.bat file, and choose to run it as administrator.
3. Right-Click & Install as Administrator

4. Accept the User Account Control notice to run the installation script.
4. Accept UAC

5. Accept the software publishing trust to allow the installer to install the storage controller.
5. Accept Publishing Trust

6. Accept the secondary software publishing trust to allow the installer to install additional software components.
6. Accept Partner Publishing Trust

7. After the installation completes, you must reboot the system. If you intend to install the Web Client Package on the same system, you can install the client package prior to rebooting. However, remember to reboot the system prior to launching the Web Client.
7. Reboot System As Instructed

What’s next?

Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package

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