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How to enable more verbose logging in Transparent RAID

There are two log files in Transparent RAID. One for the Host Service Broker, which you will find on your C:\ by befault (C:\FlexRAID.nzfs.log). The other is for the Web UI Service, which you will also find on your C:\ by default (C:\NZFSWebUI.log); - How to set the "Trace" level in the Host service's log: 1) Go to "Windows Explorer" > "Computer" > "Properties" > "Advanced system settings" > "Environment Variables". 2) In the "System Variables" part, create a new variable named FLEXRAID_NZFS_LOG_LEVEL with TRACE as a value 3) Reboot. - How to set the "Trace" level for the Client UI: 1) Edit the file '' in C:\Program Files (x86)\\NZFS Web Client Service 1.0 (with notepad++ Run As Admin ! to be able to save changes) 2) Set 3) Keep log4j.appender.default.Threshold=TRACE


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