Creating a Storage Pool-only Configuration in Transparent RAID

Storage Pool without RAID or Custom Storage Pool

The normal Transparent RAID configuration is to protect your data from disk failure through RAID and then unify that data under an aggregated Storage Pool.
For the unique scenario whereas you may wish to deploy a storage pool without RAID protection, you can do so following this quick guide.
You can also use this guide to configure a custom Storage Pool that includes everything from tRAID configurations, network shares, to standalone disks.

Create configuration

  1. To create a Storage Pool-only configuration, right-click on the “RAID Configurations” node and select to create a RAID Configuration in Expert mode.
  2. In the RAID type option box, select “Storage Pool without RAID” and then click on the “create” button
  3. When presented with the configuration panel (open the configuration if not automatically presented with it), add the drives to be pooled. You can add drives by drive letter, folder mount point, network UNC path, or by including a tRAID configuration.

For Windows users, it is actually recommended that you mount your disks to be pooled to folders and remove the drive letters such that you don’t see them in Windows Explorer.

  • For instance, you could create a root folder under C:\ (e.g., C:\Pooled Disks)
  • Then create sub-folders for each disk to be pooled (e.g., C:\Pooled Disks\Disk1, C:\Pooled Disks\Disk2, etc.)
  • Finally, mount the disks to their respective folders (Disk1, Disk2, etc.).
  • The paths you will add in this example to your Pool Configuration would be (C:\Pooled Disks\Disk1, C:\Pooled Disks\Disk2, etc.)

This is not needed for included tRAID configuration disks. The disks in included tRAID configurations are pooled without needing to be mounted.
When including entire tRAID configurations, the custom pool configuration will manage the state of the included tRAID arrays as needed including stopping their internal pools if running. Nevertheless, please remember not to start the internal pools of included tRAID configurations when the custom pool is running or else you will be running multiple pools on the same set of disks.

tRAID Custom Storage Pool

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2 Responses to “Creating a Storage Pool-only Configuration in Transparent RAID”

  1. Bobby Broughton October 26, 2014 at 8:34 PM #


    Is it possible to include a tRaid config on a separate host? I currently have one host, but I will expand to multiple hosts. How do I do a storage pool across multiple hosts?


  2. Brahim August 27, 2015 at 8:31 PM #

    Yes, you can. All you have to do is include the network shares of the remote tRAID pool configuration into your now unified pool configuration.

    So first, create the remote tRAID configurations. Add network shares to their pools. On your centralized host, then create a Pool Only configuration that includes the remote network shares.

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