Accessing the Transparent RAID Web UI using Internet Explorer (IE)


Installing the Transparent RAID Web Client Package

The recommended browser for the Web UI is Chrome.

However, for users restricted to IE, the following tips might be helpful.
Even though IE should work fine for the most part, you might experience some visual quirks in a few places.

1. Open the Web Client from the desktop shortcut
0. UI - Accessing the Web Client

Alternatively, open your browser to http://<host>:8080.
Here, <host> is the dns or wins name or IP of the system where the Web Client Package was installed.
If accessing the Web UI from the same system as to where it is installed, you can use localhost or as hostname or IP (http://localhost:8080 or

Note: if port 8080 is in use by another application on your system, you will need to change the port that the Web UI should use. You do that by navigating to the Web Client installation folder and editing the Port.js file. See TODO for further instructions on that.

2. If prompted to allow blocked content, select to allow it.
1. IE - Allow Blocked Content

3. If prompted to turn on intranet settings, select to turn them on.
2. IE - Turn on Intranet settings - rev

4. Select Yes when prompted again on turning on intranet settings.
3. IE - Turn on Intranet settings - Select Yes

5. Log into the Web UI using admin/admin (username/password).
4. IE - Login using Admin-Admin

6. Empty UI.
5. IE - Empty UI - rev

What’s next?

Quick overview of the Transparent RAID Web UI

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