Transparent RAID support for WHS 2011, Storage Server, and Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Native Support and Setting Pool disk to “fixed”

The native storage pooling in Transparent RAID comes with greater compatibility with WHS 2011, Storage Server, and Windows Server 2012 E.

The dashboards on those platforms are now well supported and the integration is entirely transparent.

One configuration change users have to make from the default, however, is to set the storage pool disk to fixed.
Go to your RAID configuration settings and set the “Removable” option to false.
You will need to restart the pool for the changes to take effect.


If you have issues with your shares being published to the dashboard on reboot, you might needs to configure the Server service to “Delayed Start” instead of “Automatic”.

1. Go to the services panel and locate the “Server” service.
Server Service

2. Edit it to “Delayed Start”.
Server Service set to delay start

3. Decrease the Storage Pool “Delay Start” value if need be (look in your RAID configuration properties).
First leave the value at its default and evaluate if setting the Server service to delayed start as discussed above is sufficient.
If not sufficient, then try to decrease the Storage Pool delay start value.

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