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Archive | June 17, 2013

Transparent RAID support for WHS 2011, Storage Server, and Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Native Support and Setting Pool disk to “fixed” The native storage pooling in Transparent RAID comes with greater compatibility with WHS 2011, Storage Server, and Windows Server 2012 E. The dashboards on those platforms are now well supported and the integration is entirely transparent. One configuration change users have to make from the default, however,  Full Article…


Storage Pooling Round Robin (aka I/O and Space balancing)

Behavior of the new Storage Pooling engine The new Storage Pooling engine in FlexRAID defaults to a file management algorithm that favors energy efficiency. The algorithm is designed such that files are kept together within their parent folders and such that data access activates the least amount of disks possible. For most users, this is  Full Article…


Transparent RAID UI Resets

A number of things can be reset by placing specific files in the Transparent RAID Web UI installation directory. The files do not need to contain any data. Just create an empty text file with the relevant file name. nzfs.reset.admin.password.txt Placing this file in the Web UI installation directory and then restarting the Web UI  Full Article…