Torrent clients and Storage Pooling

One of the reoccurring issues torrent users face when downloading to a FlexRAID backed storage pool is the issue of downloads sometimes timing out.

The issue is more of a torrent issue in how it sees and uses the available space in a storage pool. Luckily, there is a easy way to remedy at the issue: you must configure your torrent client to pre-allocate the files it writes to the pool.

Your can do a Google search on how to do this for your particular torrent client: How to pre-allocate torrent files

Without pre-allocation, there is no way of knowing how large the downloaded file will be such that it can properly directed to a disk with sufficient space. What happens when a file is streamed-in is that it is allowed to be written till the disk it is on runs out of space, in which case the file has to be moved to another disk with sufficient space before the download resumes. Torrent clients tend to have issues with the interruption that the move creates and end up timing out as a result.

Pre-allocating will also improve your disk performance as you will end up with less disk fragmentation.

Other useful setting are:
– Turn off the option to “Append .!ut”
– Where and when possible, queue the download rather than having too many parallel downloads (generates less random disk writes)

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