Advance RAID-F installation customizations

Many aspects of your RAID-F installation can be customized.


Log locations and levels can be customized by editing the logging.options.txt and files located in FlexRAID installation directory.
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Configuration database locations

By default, the configuration database file in created at the root of the C:\ for Windows users and under the user’s profile directory for Linux users (the root user since version 2.1). To change the directory where the file is created, define a system variable named FLEXRAID_DB_DIR which has for value the directory-path where you want the DB file to be located in. Then stop the RAID-F service and move your current DB file to that folder. Restart the service and it should pick up the new location. Verify that it did by checking the UI and verifying that your configurations are present.

Managed directory for Cruise Control configurations (FlexRAID-Managed-Pool)

For Windows users, the managed directory is created on the C:\ drive (C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool).
On Linux, it is created in the profile directory of the user as which the RAID-F service is running as. As of RAID-F version 2.1, that user is the root user.
You can change the location of this directory using the system variable FLEXRAID_MANAGED_POOL_DIR and specifying the new location. Note that you MUST delete all Cruise Control configuration from the RAID-F UI before doing this. The RAID-F service must also be restarted.

Other customization

Other customization is possible, but outside the scope of this post.
System builders and custom installers can inquiry if desired through the contact form on

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