Tip for Snapshot arrays with ten of thousands of small files

Tip for Snapshot arrays with ten of thousands of small files

As Snapshot RAID works over the file system, file system issues simply bubble up.
For users with many small files in their array, Snapshot RAID performance can be improved by grouping those small files into an ISO image or into zip archives if possible.

Clearly, this is feasible only if the small files are confined to specific folders and if you can deal with accessing them through the ISO image or zip archive.
The more files you have in your array, the larger the file system database, and the more system RAM RAID-F will use.

If you have ever tried to copy a folder with lot of small files, you might have noticed that it takes considerable longer compared to copying a single file of equal size to the entire folder being copied.

You can improve your Snapshot array by truly archiving small files if you have an excessive amount of them.
Windows Explorer can browse and search through zip files. Read: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/13619-zip-folders-enable-disable-windows-explorer-view.html

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