Trial License Extension and Priority Order Processing

Changes have been made to the FlexLicensing (TM) system to allow Trial License Extension and Priority Order Processing for paid customer.

Trial License Extension

  • Use case 1: If your trial license has expired and you placed an order that is taking a while to process, you can acquire an extension on your trial license at
  • Use case 2: Customers that have paid for FlexRAID but are still testing the software through their systems can acquire extensions on those trial licenses through the consumer portal (
  • Use case 3: In the case where a customer needs to run their RAID on a temporary system for longer than the standard trial period (let say the original system is being fixed or whatnot), such customer can extend the trial period on the temporary system through the consumer portal (

Priority Order Processing

  • As orders placed for FlexRAID can take up to 48 hours to process, existing customers and resellers acquiring additional licenses can request immediate processing of their orders through the consumer portal (
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