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Archive | May, 2012

Howto: Activate offline?

1. Install FlexRAID on the intended machine (the machine to be activated offline) 2. Launch the WebUI and choose to generate a pre-registration file when prompted to register the installation 3. From another computer that has internet access, use the content of the pre-registration file you generated to activate through the consumer portal 4. If  Full Article…


Upgrade Policy

End users that purchase FlexRAID 2.0 RAID-F, Pooling, or combo licenses will receive all 2.x updates free. Even though there is no immediate plan for a 3.x release, the reservation is being made in the hope of greater innovation.


Dealing with Verify failures

If you have not done so already, you need to ensure that the FlexRAID.exe process is excluded from your Anti-Virus and other file protection tools. These tools will often interfere with FlexRAID changing the data it is processing in memory. So, if you find yourself getting a lot of Validate and Verify errors and you  Full Article…


Invalid state: not enough usable space for parity!

This message usually tells of configuration or data issues. Configuration issues Here are some things to keep in mind: Your parity drives must be larger than your largest data drive. When spanning your data drives (if you are), ensure than the combined space is less or equal to the parity space. On Windows, verify that  Full Article…


Licensing: what are all these codes?

When you purchase a FlexRAID product, it takes up to 48 hours for that order to process. If you are on a trial license and that trial runs out, you can extend your trial license while waiting for your order to process. Please read: Once your order has processed, you will receive an email  Full Article…


Licensing: hardware changes and license transfer

Your FlexRAID license is node locked (i.e., it is bound to the computer on which it is installed). In most cases, you can upgrade select components on that computer without needing to re-activate. However, for cases where key components in the computer are upgraded (motherboard + CPU – essentially you just have a new computer  Full Article…