HOWTO: Resolve issues with corrupted file reports

If FlexRAID reports one or more files as corrupted, they likely suffered what is known as data rot or bit rot

The first thing you need to do is manually check the reported files and ensure that they are really corrupted.
Sometimes, the files are actually not corrupted and the false positive would be triggered by another program having modified the files without updating their last modified date.
If you have program that does that, please contact the vendor as that practice is highly frown upon.

Scenario 1: The files are indeed corrupted
Resolution: Restore the affected files

  1. Move the flagged files outside of the array to a temporary location
  2. Execute the restore operation to restore the files
  3. Validate the result of the restore operation

Scenario 2: The files are not corrupted but silently updated by another program
Resolution: Touch the files to update their timestamp

  1. On Linux use the touch command, on Windows download
  2. Touch the affected files
  3. Run the Update operation
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  1. durifto77 March 18, 2013 at 5:41 PM #

    Does the context menu option for “touch-for-windows” work on Win7 64bit? I dont see anything new when right clicking on files.

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