How do I add my drive back to the pool after re-installing my OS?

If you re-install your OS and copy over your configuration database from backup, you drives will show up as missing in the Drive Manager while showing up as available for pooling in the lower section.

Important: the first PPU drive must be the first drive to be reinstated. The process will fail if you don’t follow this requirement.

To re-instate your drives and starting with the first PPU:

1. Select each drive showing up as missing and click on “Restore/Swap out” starting with the first PPU


2. Select the appropriate drive to reinstate from the selection box


3. Click the option to swap only without restoring (the last option)


4. Repeat for each drive to re-instance until all drives are re-instated

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One Response to “How do I add my drive back to the pool after re-installing my OS?”

  1. Rand July 1, 2012 at 11:48 AM #

    In FlexRAID 2.0u8r2 final, I was getting the following error when I clicked “Yes” in step 4:
    “ERROR: Delete mount Error=2 – Message=No such file or directory”

    I noticed the drive had disappeared in Explorer, so I checked Disk Management in Windows, removed the FlexRaid drive path, and reapplied the drive letter it had. It was then able to swap out the drive successfully. I had to do this on every drive though. Unfortunately I no longer have the logs from this. Sorry.

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