Advanced SMART configurations

Both smartctl path and type mappings can be changed in FlexRAID if you have an advanced system configuration.

Advanced configurations are done on the advanced tab of the smart monitoring UI.

1. Path mappings:
Takes the form of: <MountPoint>=<DEV PATH>
Ex: D:\=/dev/sdb
Consult for all the options for your OS (very first section that talks about OSes).
Note however that you will almost never need to do this as FlexRAID does a very good job at resolving the paths. So, moving on to the next section.

2. Type mappings:
Takes the form of: <MountPoint>=<DEV TYPE>
Ex: D:\=megaraid,2
Consult (“-d TYPE, –device=TYPE” section)
This is the section that most of you using RAID controllers will need.

Important note for CruiseControl users

You must update your mapping after drives are added to the pool as the drive mount point changes.
You will need to go to the Windows Disk Manager and look at your disk to figure out the new mount point for the drive for which you are adding an advanced mapping.

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