Connecting to Storage Pool FROM a Mac

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I just installed FlexRAID 2.0 Public Beta 12 on my Windows Media Center computer (7 Ultimate x64). The computer has two 2TB and a 1.5 TB acting as DRUs, and one 2TB drive as a PPU configured as a realtime storage pool.

I set up the storage pool as a single large shared network drive, and accessing it from other Windows computers was a breeze.

However, when I tried to get to the share from my Mac (iMac 2011 running Lion), while it would actually connect to the Windows share, the list of files and folders would never come up — it would just sit at a blank Finder window and eventually time out.

I figured out that it’s because whenever you connect to a network share, Mac OS X wants to leave invisible .DS_Store files in every single directory. This I already knew, but I was thinking that because it tries to leave those files in every single folder it accesses, maybe the FlexRAID software wasn’t sure how to handle the same file being sent to each physical volume (or something along those lines, I’m not a programmer so I’m not entirely sure how that would be handled).

Anyway — the solution is extremely simple. On the Mac, there is a way to disable the creation of .DS_Store files on network volumes.

Open up a Terminal window (you don’t need to have root access).


defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

Press Return, then restart the computer.

After I did that, the FlexRAID share running on my Windows Media Center computer came right up with no problems.

Hope this helps someone out there 🙂

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