Linux: Controlling the FUSE library version used by FlexRAID

FlexRAID by default ships with a compiled version of the FUSE library.
Depending on your system, that version could be outdated or you might need an older version if using an older Linux distro.

To configure which version of FUSE FlexRAID is using, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the version of FUSE that is appropriate for your system
  2. Delete,, fusermount, and ulockmgr_server from the FlexRAID <INSTALL ROOT>/ext folder
  3. Create a symbolic link /usr/local/lib/ -> <INSTALL ROOT>/ext/
  4. Create a symbolic link /usr/local/lib/ -> <INSTALL ROOT>/ext/
  5. Create a symbolic link /usr/local/bin/fusermount -> <INSTALL ROOT>/ext/fusermount
  6. Create a symbolic link /usr/local/bin/ulockmgr_server -> <INSTALL ROOT>/ext/ulockmgr_server
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