Accessing the Web UI for non-English locales

The locale used by FlexRAID can be changed by editing the Locale.js file in your installation root directory.
var userLocale = 'en_US';
Change the value from en_US to your desired locale.

When starting the Web UI from the desktop shortcut, FlexRAID executes a script that picks up the locale configuration and add it to your browser’s address bar.

So, when accessing the Web UI for non-English locale, make sure to either:

  • Start the Web UI from the shortcut on the desktop
  • Or when accessed remotely, make sure to bookmark/enter the URL including the locale definition (http://<host>:<port>/?locale=<your locale>)


If you don’t know what the locale value is:

  • Access the Web UI at least once from the desktop shortcut, which will give you the locale value in the address bar
  • See this thread to understand about locales:,97.0.html


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