Special characters in filenames and invalid encoding fix

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Hi all,

I have installed FlexRaid on my Ubuntu fileserver, but encountered some issues that took some time to resolve:

OS fileserver: Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop
Language: english
Installed danish locale, but uses the default en_US to keep it simple.

OS machine 2: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit
Language: Danish
ftp: WinSCP

1. Invalid Encoding
This has nothing to do with FlexRaid, but “good to know” if you encounter the same issue.

Problem: Transferring files from my Win7 pc to fileserver with CoreFTP resulted in “Invalid encoding” resulting from filenames with scandinavian characters like Æ Ø Å.
Solution: Changed from CoreFTP to WinSCP wih “UTF-8 Encoding for filenames:=On”

I started with CoreFTP, but could not get it to work with UTF-8 as expected. Changed to WinSCP, and “Invalid Encoding” disappeared!

2. Scandinavian Characteres.

Problem: SnapShot Raid exclude filenames with scandinavian characters, and appear in log.log as “deleted”.

I installed the fileserver with default language english to minimize potential problems to a minimum with compability etc.
I’ve installed the danish locale da_DK in addition to the default en-US.

– make sure start-up script contains “export LANG LANGUAGE” as indicated in a couple of threads in old forum: http://openegg.org/forums/posts/list/341.page#3627
– edit /var/lib/flexraid/Locale.js in sudo mode, change from  “var userLocale = ‘en_US’;” to “var userLocale = ‘da_DK’;”

SnapShot Raid is now syncing every file! :)

This is perhaps “common knowledge”, but my searching for a solution did not come up with a straight forward answer.

Best Regards

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2 Responses to “Special characters in filenames and invalid encoding fix”

  1. NLS October 28, 2011 at 10:55 AM #

    Thanks. Probably fits Greek too. (el_GR possibly)

  2. pawel July 6, 2012 at 2:18 PM #

    worked for me for polish (pl_PL) but wanted to know if there a general option to cover “most” languages?.. or possibility of adding more then one if needed?

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