Command: view


This command allows you to manage the storage pool’s virtual drive.


view <INSTANCE_ID> <action> [extra params]
Where INSTANCE_ID is in the form: class1_<POOL_ID> (for the new driver) or class2_<POOL_ID> (for the old driver)
The POOL_ID is a number starting from 0 and increasing for each pool created.
Example: class1_0 or class2_0 (for the first pool of type class1 or class2)
A subsequent pool instance would be class1_1 or class2_1, etc.
Note that as of Beta 11, only one pool is allowed even though multiple pools could be supported.

Actions: publish | install | uninstall | start | stop | reset | status | state

For publish:
<INSTANCE_ID> publish (config|autostart|shares)  <content>
config: instructs FlexRAID to publish the View configuration.
autostart: instructs FlexRAID to publish the auto start setting.
shares: instructs FlexRAID to publish the configuration for the shares to reconnect.
If <content> is not passed, FlexRAID will clear out all previous content (equals delete).


Returns a CommandResponse object except for “view <INSTANCE_ID> state”, which returns a InfoRequestCommandResponse<T> where T is as follow:

public class StoragePoolState implements Serializable {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = -1546725194712662550L;
	private boolean installed;
	private boolean rebootRequired;
	private boolean published;
	private boolean markedToStartAutomatically;
	private long autoStartDelay;
	private boolean hasSharesToReconnect;
	private boolean running;
	private boolean starting;
	private boolean stopping;
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