Command: cruise-control


This command allows you to execute cruise control related operations.


cruise-control ismounted <driveGUID> //whether the drive represented by the passed in GUID is mounted to a drive letter or folder.

cruise-control islocalsystem //whether FlexRAID is running under the local system account or another user account

cruise-control guids //returns the list of GUIDs for all the drives in the user’s system

cruise-control guid <mount point>//returns the GUID of the drive given its mount point

cruise-control mountPoint <guid>//return the mount point of the drive given it GUID

cruise-control manage <the storage pool instance ID> <The drive letter or folder path of the drive to take ownership of>//let’s FlexRAID take ownership of the drive

cruise-control unmanage <the storage pool instance ID> <the drive’s guid> <drive letter or folder path where to mount the released drive>//have FlexRAID relinquish ownership of the drive

cruise-control rename //this must be called when drives are swapped out to update the RAID metadata of the swap


Returns a InfoRequestCommandResponse<T> where T is of type string.

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