Tip: Advanced RAID Re-Configuration

Tip: update metadata path if renaming PPU1

The advanced RAID reconfiguration feature allows you to override the UI and force certain DRU/PPU path reconfigurations.
This is useful for when you have renamed a path (changed drive letter or mounted it to a different local or network path) or you want to permanently remove a path from the RAID.
The following rules must be observed:

  • Each directive must be entered one per line.
  • This feature only allows you to reconfigure the paths within the DRUs/PPUs, but a DRU/PPU itself (the container) cannot be removed once locked.
  • This feature applies only to locked paths. Paths not yet locked must be removed through the UI.
  • You can rename or remove paths from DRUs.
  • You can only rename paths in PPUs. PPU paths cannot be removed once locked.
  • If renaming PPU1, you must set the metadata path property in the UI to its current location

To remove a path, the syntax is: remove|<UoR>|<Path>
(Ex: remove|DRU2|E:\)

To rename a path, the syntax is: rename|<UoR>|<oldPath>|<newPath>
(Ex: rename|DRU2|E:\|G:\)

Example showing multiple directives:

rename|DRU3|D:\My old data|\\RemoteServer\Archive\My old data
rename|PPU1|\\RemoteServer\Parity Data|Z:\Local Parity Data
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