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Archive | September, 2011

Tips: Mounting your drives as folders on Windows

  This tip will allow you to mount your drives to an NTFS folder path rather than a drive letter as is customary in Windows, prior to include them in a FlexRAID Storage Pool. While this is not necessary, it is considered as good practice, and has several advantages: Prevents unnecessary spin-up of the drives  Full Article…


Why does the restore fails when trying to restore my PPU1

Restoring a PPU only makes sense in multi-PPU configurations (in single PPU configurations, you can re-create it). Restoring PPU1 is a special case, since by default, FlexRAID looks for its metadata in PPU1. In order to restore PPU1, you will have to set a different metadata path in the Run-Time Properties of your RAID:  


Installing FlexRAID on Zentyal Server

  Offline version of this file: FlexRAID_on_Zentyal PDF Courtesy of atiinola.   Zentyal Server is a small business server based on Ubuntu’s LTS server version 10.04 and the ebox platform. It also has the LXDE desktop installed with Firefox web browser and PCMAN File manager. There are some things that cannot be easily manipulated with  Full Article…