Backing up and migrating RAID configuration data

The configuration database can be backed up by going to the FlexRAID System Control Panel -> System Toolbox -> Backup.

By default, FlexRAID creates the RAID configuration database in the running user’s home directory.
However, when running FlexRAID under the Local System account, which is the default, the database file will be created under your system drive (Ex: C:\FlexRAID-Config.db) or under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile (not sure why yet).
The database file is named: FlexRAID-Config.db

This file can be backed up and restored as needed.

When changing the user under which the FlexRAID service is running or porting FlexRAID to another system, the configuration database file needs to be copied over to that new user’s home directory.


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