Support for WHS v1 in FlexRAID 2.0

FlexRAID 2.0 has the same level of support for WHS v1 as in FlexRAID 1.4.

The UI configuration is slightly different between the two versions though.

Since the UI in version 2.0 does not allow to enter paths that don’t exist yet, you should configure your each DRU to only contain a single C:\fs\<?>\DE\shares folder.
If you needed to exclude certain folders, you will simply need to enter an exclusion pattern such as “*\DE\shares\XXX”… where XXX is a particular folder to exclude.

For more information on exclusion patterns, read: Understanding Exclusion Patterns

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  1. whatdoiknw September 9, 2011 at 11:35 PM #

    Not sure I understand. so what you’re saying is if you have multiple folders under C:\fs\?\DE\shares, that you have to exclude all but 1? And then do that for each DRU?

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