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Archive | June 4, 2011

Tips: FlexRAID Storage Pooling under Linux

The user mounting the Storage Pool must be member of the fuse group. If a fuse group does not exist on your system, create it. See for additional info on managing groups in Ubuntu. Other Linux users should man addgroup and adduser. Ex: sudo addgroup fuse sudo adduser <your-username> fuse You might need grant  Full Article…


Resolving UI issues after upgrading to a new FlexRAID 2.0 release

If you ever have an issue after upgrading to a FlexRAID 2.0 release, simply refresh your browser window using the browser’s refresh button (not just f5) or clear your browser’s cache. This is because whatever you browser has cached could become incompatible with the latest resources. See this bug report for additional info:  


Support for WHS v1 in FlexRAID 2.0

FlexRAID 2.0 has the same level of support for WHS v1 as in FlexRAID 1.4. The UI configuration is slightly different between the two versions though. Since the UI in version 2.0 does not allow to enter paths that don’t exist yet, you should configure your each DRU to only contain a single C:\fs\<?>\DE\shares folder.  Full Article…


Understanding Exclusion Patterns

Setting up your exclusions is an important configuration in FlexRAID and in particular when using Snapshot RAID. The exclusion pattern tells FlexRAID which file to ignore, which is usually because of their transient states. Ex1: /path1;/path2;…;/pathX (only the specified files will be excluded) Ex2: /path1* (all files starting with /path1 will be excluded) Ex3: *something/MyEndingPath  Full Article…