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Archive | April, 2011

Quick-Validate vs Validate vs Verify

Quick-Validate Quick-Validate is more of a quick change reporting task that an actual RAID health validation task. All it does is detect and report changes (looks for files deleted or changed). It was created: for doing quick checks before running the Validate task or Verify task (if Quick-Validate reports changes, so will these tasks) for  Full Article…


Can FlexRAID be used to mirror data (folder duplication)?

If the amount of data you need protected is small, you will be much better off with a scheduled 1:1 backup using programs like SyncToy. RAID with parity only makes sense on a larger scale. Now, FlexRAID can very effectively act as a 1:1 backup program through a Snapshot RAID configuration which has only a  Full Article…


Can I include my OS drive as part of a RAID configuration?

No. Just like you cannot include your OS drive in a Windows or Linux software RAID (or any other software RAID for that matter), you cannot include your OS drive in a FlexRAID RAID array. So, when creating a RAID, always omit your C:\ drive or which ever volume where you have your Operating System  Full Article…


FlexRAID Preference Settings

The following features are configurable through the settings panel: Email notification SMS notification Storage Pool Preferences (Auto start, automatic Storage Pool shares reconnection) Defining external network shares that can be included in RAID and Storage Pool configurations (using unmapped drives/UNC directly) Expression scripts (scripting both FlexRAID and OS operations) When using the FlexRAID’s Storage Pooling   Full Article…