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Command Line client scripting

The Command Line client can be scripted. This can be useful for those wanting to manage their RAID configurations through scripts or their favorite automation tools. To run the command line client in: - Interactive mode: FlexRAIDClient [Host] [Port] [Timeout] - Non-Interactive mode: FlexRAIDClient Host Port Timeout Command For those wanting to script the Command Line client, you will be using it in non-interactive mode. The Host/Port/Timeout parameters are optional in interactive mode, but required in non-interactive mode. To use the default values for the Port and Timeout parameter, use a '-' as value. Ex: FlexRAIDClient localhost - - run C:\cmds\create.txt For the non-interactive mode, the "Command" parameter represents the command you would normally type in interactive mode. In the previous example, the bolded text is the command. In non-interactive mode, the client will return an exit-code that you can make use of in your script. Exit-Codes: Sample script 1: Sample script 2: Where config.txt would contain something like (see command templates package for more info):


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  1. vletroye February 4, 2013 at 3:34 PM #

    For Windows users, the command in “FlexRaidCmd” instead of “FlexRaidClient”. It can be downloaded as an Optional pack from here :

    E.g.: To start/stop the first pool (id=0) using the new driver(class1), one can use the Command “view”

    FlexRAIDCMD localhost – – view class1_0 start
    FlexRAIDCMD localhost – – view class1_0 stop

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